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2021 Courses Offered  [Revisions for Covid 19 *]

Flexible Format for Training

Check course details for venue and format.


[With pre-registration and full payment by cheque or eTransfer]

Pleasure Craft Operator’s Card (PCOC)   -- Required by law NOW!!  Make sure you don't leave home without it!!!  Introduction and accredited Canadian Coast Guard Boating Safety course that yields a Pleasure Craft Operator's Card (PCOC) required for operating any pleasure craft or  vessel with a motor in Canada.  Required for all ages in all power vessels.  [Details Below]  

START KEELBOAT SAILING/CRUISING --  This new course is an introduction to Keelboat Cruising.  The next logical step from your dinghy experience or if you are into a less wet bum, warmer, larger introduction to sailing — this is what you want to try.  You are with a Skipper/Instructor and will learn the theory and afloat skills as a crew member.  Available on request.

BASIC CRUISING --  This is similar to the Start Keelboat Cruising except extends the range of your skills as crew and as a skipper.  Register for next year's course starting 2021 April.  Includes the PCOC.    Theory and practical course for beginners.  Practical on Chestermere Lake, Chestermere, AB.

BASIC & INTERMEDIATE COASTAL NAVIGATION -- Designed to keep you safe in coastal waters.     NOTE!!  2021 — Class/Correspondence/Online Course Available [Details Below]  

INTERMEDIATE CRUISING -- Designed to make you comfortable Bareboat Skippering a 30 to 45 cruising yacht.   This training will be on your vessel, chartered or personal.  Call for more details.  

GPS & ELECTRONIC CHARTS SEMINAR   Seminar available March 20 2021    -- This is a one day seminar to help the novice learn the basics of GPS and Electronic Charts.  Helps to plan summer options for the boat. [Details Below]   

MARITIME VHF RADIO COURSE -- Leads to your Restricted Marine Operators Certificate,  necessary for using Marine radios.  Includes DSC Endorsement   Next Class MARCH 14 & 21, 2021. --  Register or leave your name so we call you with details. [Details Below]  


* The Pleasure Craft Operator's Card (PCOC) is Mandatory since September 2009 if you are operating any vessel with a motor!!! We offer an introduction and accredited Canadian Coast Guard Boating Safety Course that yields a Pleasure Craft Operator's Card (PCOC) required for operating any pleasure craft or  vessel with a motor in Canada.  This includes most small fishing boats and all personal water craft. This course is included at no extra charge in the Basic Cruising Standard.  This course is offered through correspondence or a class setting *.  Two versions of correspondence are available.  Do a self-study and then challenge the exam [$125] or do a self-study, have a two hour review prior to the exam [$145].  Course includes the materials and the Card for successful students.  Discounts are available for multiple registrations.  Class settings can be arranged for evenings or weekends [Starting at $95 depending of number of students and sessions.] *

START KEELBOAT CRUISING -- Theory and practical course for people with minimal on the water experience.  They will learn and develop skills as a crew member. * Depending on status of Covid 19 situation, this may be offered in the spring.

Available by request June,July, September & October.   Register and phone for more details.  NO OBLIGATION FOR REGISTRATION.  

This is one of the entry levels in the series of Sail Canada courses on sailing keelboats and on Cruising, This course is the recommended starting point for individuals with minimal practical on water experience. This entry level course builds basic sailing skills with a focus on operation of the vessel as crew. Candidates completing this course will be able to competently contribute as crew to the operation of a keelboat in moderate daytime conditions. This standard is recommended for those with little boating or sailing experience that want to experience sailing on a keelboat and begin to build basic sailing skills in a relaxed environment and at a comfortable pace.

This standard may be offered in a one weekend format or in evening sessions. It is envisioned that the learning objectives can be accomplished in 12-15 hours.  Cost dependent on number of students doing the theory and for practical on the boat [maximum 4]  Cost start at $450 for single, one on one instruction to $250 per person for a crew of four.  

BASIC CRUISING -- Theory and practical course for beginners to learn and develop skills as a crew member and as a skipper.  . 

The Theory portion will be offered practicing Social Distancing using Zoom.  The Practical portion ensure the safety of the Students and Instructors and conform to the latest advisories of Sail Canada and Alberta Health.

Register and phone for more details.  NO OBLIGATION FOR REGISTRATION.  

Due to the unforeseen situation, the start for this course will be announced in March.   The local sailing course offered in Calgary, Alberta starts with the Theory Monday and Wednesday evening from !9:00 to 22:00 for two weeks in April, with the Practical on the water portion starting, hopefully, in May.  Same certification as the sailing courses at the coast only you make up your own sailing schedule on evenings and weekends.  This leaves your holiday time available for chartering or cruising.  Course cost is $1495 per person all inclusive.  (Includes materials, theory classes and practical on the water classes in Calgary, AB)  Registration now is critical.  We will have to limit it to the first 10 applications on a first come, first served basis, due to the current situation.   10% savings ($150) is available for all fully paid registrations prior to June 1st.   Remember, this course offered only once a year. 

This sailing course is designed to take a student to the level of  the Sail Canada Basic Cruising Standard in moderate wind and sea conditions.  You will learn:  sailing terminology and parts and pieces of the boat; required and recommended equipment; safety; rules of the road; weather; duties of skipper and crew; and good seamanship to make the sport of cruising safe and enjoyable.  The afloat skills involve checking out a boat; maneuvering under power, docking and anchoring; maneuvering under sail; raising; lowering, reefing and furling of the sails; safety techniques for Crew Overboard under power and sail and how to snug the boat down for the night.  The course consists of a minimum of 18 hours on the water training.  Most students get between 21 and 24 hours of afloat training.  The course in Calgary includes all the materials, exams, practical and certification.  There are no prerequisites and along with the Coastal Navigation course this is considered to be the foundation of being able to charter worldwide.  Limitations will be put on the number of students on the vessel to ensure the best social distancing and safety.  Reduced times will be scheduled to help with some of he restrictions due to  Covid 19.   

COASTAL NAVIGATION --  [New Start on 2021 January 19]  Designed to keep you safe in coastal waters.  As of 2018, Coastal Navigation is offered in two parts, BASIC Coastal Navigation and INTERMEDIATE Coastal Navigation. [The complete description of these Standards can be seen by going to Sailng.ca, then clicking on Programs>Sailors>Navigation.]  Our navigation courses teach you the theory and practical techniques of navigating in coastal waters.  You will learn how to determine your position, plot and plan your passages, interpret tide and current tables, as well, be introduced to modern electronics navigation instruments and techniques, including GPS.  The course is available through a self-study correspondence/online course. Course fee includes all the materials, charts, instruments, the exam and the SAIL CANADA Coastal Navigation Standard certification in Basic/Intermediate Navigation for those who pass the exam.  Our course is supplemented with plenty of exercises, cruises and the answers to assist you in achieving this standard.  Soon, there will be a video DVD option to assist you.  There are no prerequisites for the Basic Coastal Navigation Standard and along with the Basic Cruising course these standard are considered to be the foundation of being able to charter worldwide.  

 Correspondence and Online course available now.  Register now so you are ready for summer 2021. A combination of Classroom [dependant on Covid 19] and On Line Learning.  NEXT COURSE STARTS January 19 FOR BASIC NAV, and INTERMEDIATE NAV starts one week after completion of Basic Nav .  REGISTER NOW FOR BEST SAVINGS.

Course cost is $400 per person for the Basic Coastal Navigation course all inclusive.  (Includes materials, charts, instruments and theory classes in Calgary, AB)  Course available now. Enquire for discounts.  Intermediate Coastal Navigation course has a prerequisite of the Basic Coastal Navigation Standard.  Cost is $300 for Intermediate Coastal Nav but reduced to total of $550 for both Basic and Intermediate Coastal Navigation Courses if registered and paid together.  

GPS & ELECTRONIC CHART SEMINAR -- Introduces GPS techniques and demonstrates some basic Electronic and Charting Software.   A Great Seminar prior to buying that new GPS.  [This seminar is included with a Basic/Intermediate Coastal Navigation Courses.]  

2020 and 2021 Students are eligible for this course for free when we can offer it within relaxed Covid 19 guidelines.  All Nav students are eligible for the spring  course in April if we can do it safely.   Just in time for an informed decision on which GPS to buy for marine applications for the cruising season.

There will be a Dutch treat lunch and seminar will wrap up about 16:00.  Seminar cost will be $95 all inclusive [Special Price until 2021 March 31.  Cost is free for registered Basic/Intermediate Coastal Nav Students from 2020 and 2019.

Seminar takes you through the basics of GPS and describes the terminology. You will learn how to enter waypoints and routes.  Shows you how the GPS displays your tracks and how we can use this info.  There will be a discussion of interfacing your  GPS to other instruments and some of the benefits.  There will be a demonstration of using GPS Mapping techniques and some of the software available to tie in the GPS data.  You receive a full set of seminar notes and will participate in an exercise here in Calgary to demonstrate the use of the GPS.  [Some GPS units will be available but participants are urged to bring their own units if they have them.]  Discounts for couples or early registration.

INTERMEDIATE CRUISING -- Makes you comfortable on a cruising yacht.  This may be offered in the summer.

This sailing course is designed to take a student to the next level in the  Sail Canada Standards in moderate wind and sea conditions.  Emphasis of this course is on passage planning and learning live aboard skills to make cruising more enjoyable.  You will learn:  passage planning; resources of info for planning;  galley safety and cooking techniques; weather interpretation; seamanship in the event of emergencies; docking, rafting  and anchoring techniques; navigation and piloting; rope handling and splicing; how to sail with the gennaker (cruising spinnaker)  and how to improve your sailing skills. The course requires a cruising yacht in coastal waters.It includes all the materials, exams, practical and certification.  Cost ranges between $700 and $1200 depending on the number of students on the practical portion.  The Sail Canada Basic Cruising Standard, Sail Canada Basic Coastal Navigation, VHF Radio and a Standard First Aid course are prerequisites.  A Fast-Track Schedule for those that want to cruise in the larger boats by summer involves starting this prior to the Basic in April.   Discounts for early registration and for multiple registrations.  OFFERED AS A COURSE THIS YEAR STARTING IN JANUARY.  WILL PROVIDE SAIL CANADA EXAMINATION AND CERTIFICATION TO EXPERIENCE SAILORS WANTING THEIR PAPERS FOR CHARTERING.  CALL FOR MORE DETAILS.  

MARITIME VHF RADIO COURSE -- Leads to your Restricted Marine Operators Certificate, necessary for using Marine radios or the more advanced CYA Standards.  It includes DSC endorsement.  Hopefully we will have a spring course in March TBA Challenges are still available.  

This is a Canadian Power and Sail Squadron designed course.  Industry Canada no longer offers this for free.  We have loads of fun with hands on radio practice before the exam and certification. You will learn the proper terminology, radio etiquette and safety techniques to assist you in communication in the marine environment.   A lifetime VHF Restricted Radio Operator's Certificate with DSC endorsement is awarded after you successfully pass the exam. This can be done as an add-on to other courses offered by Wildrose.   There are no prerequisites.  Cost is $165 all inclusive.  Discounts for early registration or multiple registrations. 

 Class starts will be announce in February 2021.  ( Register NOW!!!)



Course /Seminar       Theory        Practical               

Coastal Navigation       HO*             HO         *THEORY  PORTIONS WILL BE ONLINE UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE

Basic Cruising              HO*             CL       

Intermediate Cruising   HO             WC 


VHF Radio / GPS         HO*             HO


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HO -- Home Office -- 10 Confederation Villas NW Calgary

CH — Chestermere Lake, Chestermere, AB

WC -- West Coast -- Out of Sidney BC Most of the time

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